Novena prayer to St. Thérèse for use in mass

We recommend that you pray the novena immediately after communion (not merely part of the announcements or after the mass is ended). The leader may introduce the prayer with a summary of each months’s meditation.

Download and print:

Novena prayer in March, for the gift of the Spirit: JOY


United with the Divine Strength,
we pray for the grace to remain with the Tree,
so that the fruits of the Spirit may grow in us.
May all the joy of Heaven come down into our hearts
and fill us with love and a spirit of self-forgetfulness,
so that we, for the sake of Jesus, may give joy to others.


Dear St. Thérèse, little flower of Jesus,
we look forward with joy and gratitude to your visit
to the Nordic countries in company with your holy parents.
Help us prepare to receive all the graces
God wants to bestow on us through the pilgrimage.
We ask you to pray for our Catholic dioceses
and all who are called to consecrated life.

Scatter your rose petals of grace over our families,
so that they more and more may resemble your family.
Pray for all children, for the youth, for the elderly,
for those who are lonely and those who suffer.

Dear St. Thérèse,
you desired to spend your heaven doing good on earth.
Receive the intentions we entrust you.

Dear St. Thérèse, teach us to become holy,
so that we may love Jesus like you,
with a pure and undivided heart,
and trustfully surrender our lives to God’s Merciful Love.

Lead us on your little way
so that we may speedily reach perfect love.